Welcome to OurParadise

A Co-Owned Abundance-Based System

Our mission is to conserve and protect unique locations around the world by promoting eco-tourism and eco-education and the preservation and empowerment of local cultures, starting in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

We strive to raise awareness of the importance of environmental and cultural conservation, and to inspire people to take action to regenerate our planet and to protect, empower, and learn from local peoples and their traditions.

Karibu Zanzibar

First Locations

Mbweni Ruins

Mbweni Ruins & Jungle Paradise

Historical ruins surrounded by beautiful lush gardens featuring a variety of native and exotic plants.

Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island

An award-winning private nature reserve, home to one of the world's most pristine coral reef sanctuary.

Next Up

Planned Locations

Regenerative Farm

Regenerative Farms

Up to 500 hectares of fertile Tanzanian land for the purpose of sustainable farming and food safety.

Eco Beach Villas

10 planned villas on the Zanzibar coast with stylish organic design, for eco-conscious visitors.


General Activities


Experience an authentic paradise through diving, snorkeling and tropical garden explorations. In 2023, we are planning deep sea explorations and the creation of an Ayurvedic Center & Advanced Healing Clinic.



Learn from locals how to produce crafts, from ceramics to clothing and wood-working. In this way, we can promote and support the conservation of Zanzibarian practices and create beautiful products at the same time.


On the Water

Take day or overnight trips on one of our two sailing boats – one an eco-friendly Turkish Gulet and the other a simple and fun Zanzibarian catamaran. Or enjoy watersports in the lagoon.

Protectors of Paradise

Earth Protection

By creating our own paradise we have a responsibility to the planet. As such, we have four initial projects to ensure the conservation and regeneration of OurParadise – Chumbe Island, Mbweni Ruins, Mbweni Botanical Gardens, and the Mbweni Mangrove Forest.